Thursday, 20 December 2012

It all started with my love for food that my friends started saying "You know what? You should have a blog!" I thought it was a great idea too, but i am lazy that way.So after months of them nagging me, I finally acted on it.

Although I am new to the blogging world, it wasn't difficult to figure out how to go about it. Ok, so my blog is all about food - recipes, cooking tips, where to eat in Mumbai, what to try out everything ranging from Savoury Dishes to the most Delectable Desserts as well as from good restaurants to the awesomest khau gallis of Mumbai. I had just been for a dinner, and I thought of writing a review for it. That provided as a start for my blog writing! But because I did not have it in mind before I went in for a dinner I did not take pictures of all the things I ate (something I decided to make a habit of). Although I still think the absence of pictures didn’t affect the blog post, as the writing and what you are trying to convey through it is more important than pictures. Nevertheless, pictures always make thing look more interesting and lively.

I have always had a thing for cooking, sometimes trying out versions of what I see on “Masterchef Australia”. Yes, specifically Australia. Nothing else. Or even from Nigella’s Kitchen and Martha Stewart. And when it comes to Indian cooking, Aditya Bal’s ‘Chakhle India’ is a very good option. It doesn’t necessarily have to be TV shows, but also recipes from here and there or my Mum’s cookbooks. But all these years, I never once thought of posting anything online (A mistake, sigh!) Anyways, but now blogging can help a lot in showing the world my creations.

Also, blogging gave me a chance to cook only for the sake of posting it online. So, it was double the fun. No, sorry, triple. Cooking, Eating, Blogging. Not just for me but for my friends and family. The Chocolate Brownies, The Grapes Upside Down Cake and The Dips, are all tried and tested.
From making a blogger account to setting up everything- the design, the templates, the layout, the colours….everything was fun. Testing how it looks and making changes here and there was a tedious but a fun process. I have started to love blogging and Ill continue with it. There’s a lot more to come. So, Happy reading!

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